Erin Van Krimpen

is a lawyer, writer and human rights advocate based in Melbourne, Australia.  She became a lawyer with a grand dream of changing the world, which frankly, is still her goal.  After volunteering in Western Kenya in 2009, Erin enrolled in a Masters of Law (Human Rights) at Monash University, with a focus on the rights of women, refugees and people with disabilities.  Erin has worked in the not-for-profit sector in Victoria since 2011, and graduated from her Masters in 2014.  For the last three years, Erin's practice has been based in criminal and administrative law. Prior to moving to Melbourne, Erin worked as a workers' compensation and workplace health and safety lawyer in Brisbane.  She has a special interest in policy, strategy and leadership across the justice sector.

Erin's writing has been published in Bide, accepted for publication in Fat Mook and recommended by the Down Under Feminists Carnival more than once.  Her writing explores the way in which structural inequality contributes to disadvantage in society, but she also has a deep and abiding love of poetry, and tries to persuade her readers to see an issue in a different light in each piece - whether it's opinion, fiction or poetry.

When she's not working, Erin enjoys singing, yogaphotography and playing with her adorable dog Winston.  Erin is the co-host of acclaimed podcast 'The Anxiety Shut-In Hour' and spends many of her waking hours on the internet.  Find her on Twitter at @erinvk.